History & Traditions

Class of 1964In 1955, the first pastor, Rt. Rev. Joseph H. Irwin, established Saints Peter & Paul School to satisfy the needs of a growing Catholic community on the Eastern Shore. The Dominican Sisters from Sparkill, New York originally staffed the school. In 1958, the commitment was made to establish the high school to provide a continuing opportunity for Catholic education for the graduating students. Over the years, the facility has grown. In 1963, the Saints Peter & Paul Gymnasium was built. In 1970, the Father John Farrington academic wing was built which houses the high school library and classrooms for the middle school.

Under the leadership of Father Howard T. Clark, later Superintendent of Schools for the Wilmington Diocese, extensive renovations were made to both the interior and exterior facility, including the Father Farrington Plaza adjoining the gymnasium, and to the restructuring of the curriculum to create a comprehensive college preparatory Catholic high school. During the 1990's, Father Paul Jennings guided the creation of a separate high school facility and oversaw the growth of the parish and school community.

Father Robert Coine became Pastor in 1999 and directed the building of the new parish church and improvements to the school facilities. Father James Nash was appointed Pastor in 2014 and will continue to foster a spiritual and academic community rooted in faith that will continue to provide for the Catholic community of the Eastern Shore.

Explanation of the School Logo

History & Traditions

The school logo incorporates historic elements of our school and parish while creating a framework that effectively ties together all ministries of our Parish and School. The School is named after our Parish’s patron saints, Saint Peter and Saint Paul, and just as they were challenged with the mission of preaching the Good News of the early Church, our School continues to be called to educate and lead the spiritual and intellectual formation of the Catholic community of the Eastern Shore.

The steeple of the Church is a replica of Saints Peter & Paul Church, which is the cornerstone of our educational and spiritual ministry. The Keys represent those given to Saint Peter and symbolizes the key to heaven and the Church’s authoritative role on Earth. The Sword represents Saint Paul and demonstrates strength and courage. Finally, Mens-Corpus-Spiritus, is the Latin for Mind-Body-Spirit, which is our school motto.

  • School Colors: Navy Blue and White
  • School Prayer: Saints Peter and Paul, Pray for Us. Jesus, Live in Our Hearts, Forever.
  • Alma Mater: "Blue and White"

Blue and White will always linger
With each new and passing year.
As an emblem of true honor
We will hold you dear.
We will ever honor thee
And true we'll ever be.
For we are your sons and daughters
Marching on for thee.

Alma Mater, Alma Mater
When we leave your sheltering walls
We shall leave an echo ringing
Through your treasured halls.
We will leave an echo ringing in the silent night
While our memories are singing
Of the Blue and White.